We are open and ready to help! We support commercial and residential brand cardio!




J&R is a family run business that strives to be the one stop shop for repair and refurbishment of fitness equipment electronics. If it's located in the gym we can fix it and we've been doing it for years.  Listed by all cardio brand manufacturers as the #1 go to repair shop for all out of warranty electronics.  We fix all electronics at a FRACTION of the cost of buying new.  


See how J&R can limit total downtime, minimize the financial impact of repair costs and help guide in the prevention of future failures!



As a personal or professional gym your equipment is a BIG investment. You want to have your unit last a long time and be utilized to their fullest. J&R helps you with that.  We strongly believe in repairing all items instead of replacing.  If the equipment gets used so much that it breaks down it is popular and enjoyed by all.  It has value to everyone from the user who get benefits from using it to the gym because it keeps the people coming back.  You keep extending the life of your equipment while keeping your cost down. 


However, sometimes the quick assumed answer of this item being broken is not the WHOLE answer.  Circuit boards fail due to various causes but we take the extra steps so that we can try to figure out if your machine is being overworked due to the wear and tear of other components.  Our years of experience comes with tons of insider info that help diagnose issues that may occur down the road.

Our J&R team will reverse engineer the failures and give you a proper recommendation to keep your unit up and running for years to come!



Over the years we have seen a lot.  Machines change, electronics change and method of circuitry has changed as well.  Throughout we have amassed information.  Pictures, diagrams, and manuals we have been collecting over the years and we are willing to share that information with you.  We know it seems odd to want to help our customers so they don’t have to pay us.  We know we have competition!  You get calls and sales pitches from them and the brand names corporations for extended warranties with promises of service.  However we believe that helping those in the business means that you will believe in our quality, workmanship, attention to detail, helpfulness and appreciation of your business.  When you deal with our family we go that extra distance for you.