We are open and ready to help! We support commercial and residential brand cardio!



Why REPAIR vs replace?

When you replace a circuit board you never truly address the issues that may be overworking your machine and before you know it you are down again dealing with the same problem.   Throwing "NEW" parts in a troublesome unit is not the way to go.  

Let J&R take a look and see what could be causing your unit to break down to prevent future failures!


We work with service companies as well as the end user!  Give us a call and let us know what problems you are experiencing.  We will be happy to lead you in the right direction!  We can help diagnose the problem and supply you with the info you need to pull your part.

How do I get my defective part to J&R?

Come by and say hello!  Not local?  Box up your part at your nearest shipping store!  Just make sure it's wrapped nice and snug the couriers will do the rest!  We receive all methods of shipment.  Fedex, UPS, USPS, DHL!

How long does it take to repair my part?

Daily lead time runs about 5 business days!  Need it fast??  Ask us about advance swap or expedite options!

Expedite? What's that?

 At J&R , we understand the high cost associated with equipment downtime.  For this reason, we provide an expedited service to accommodate your needs.  For an additional fee of $50 J&R will give your item priority.  This service will get your board directly to a tech to speed up the repair process.  (Get to the front of the line!) 

What if I need additional help with installation or troubleshooting?

You came to the right place!  Our thorough technicians are happy to help.  If you have any specific questions send them along to us and we will contact you when your part is ready to ship to clarify! 

 We will pass along any necessary diagrams, installation instructions and advice that will help you to finalize  your repair.

I'm not handy, know anyone that can come help?

YES, contact us and we will set you up with someone in your area that can pull your defective part, send it to us and perform the necessary preventive maintenance schedule to prevent future failures!  

Do you warranty your repairs?

J&R regards warranty repairs as a top priority.  Our comprehensive warranty policy, 90 days on parts & labor, 6 months labor and a lifetime of free tech support for all repairs, is among the best in the industry.  During the warranty period J&R will repair the unit if it fails in normal operation due to defective workmanship or parts.  This warranty period will not apply to items that fail due to misapplication including but not limited to improper operation, storage, handling, or installation; negligence, extreme temperatures, moisture, dirt or corrosive conditions, cannibalized parts or an act of GOD.